Choosing, Caring For, and Enjoying Your New Pet Bird!   


Choosing the Right Bird For You 


If you are thinking about purchasing a new pet bird, you have already made an excellent decision!  This is a special kind of pet that can be a wonderful addition to your life!  In order to make owning a pet bird a positive experience for both yourself and your new pet, the next step is to choose the bird that is right for you. 


Whether you already have a particular type of bird in mind, or are thinking about all of the possibilities, there are some important points which you should consider before making the final decision.  As there are many different kinds of birds available, there are some points which can be helpful in making a good choice.


One point to consider is your lifestyle.  In today’s busy world, most people do not have the unlimited amount of free time to devote to a pet as people usually had in the past.  While a bird is a good choice for a busy lifestyle because it does not require a significant amount of time and attention for its upkeep, it is a good idea to keep in mind that your new pet does need your time and attention. 


In addition to his basic care, you can think about factors such as whether you want a bird who will need extra time to exercise outside of his cage, and whether you plan to teach him to talk, sing, or do little tricks.  When you know which of these factors apply to the bird you would like to own, it can help you in selecting the right kind of bird.


Another factor to consider is the amount of space you have in your home.  If you have a small apartment, for example, it would be better to select one of the smaller types of bird who will do well in a small, compact-sized cage.  Birds which require larger cages, or need more space to move about, are usually best-suited to homes where they will have more room. 


Although many people do not put much thought into this in advance, the personalities associated with various types of birds is also an important factor.  Some kinds of birds are known for their cheery personalities, while others are more calm and docile.  When you take this into consideration, you will be much more likely to select the specific type of bird whose personality is the perfect match for your own.  You will soon see that living with your new pet bird can be a delightful experience!  He will bring you many, many hours of pleasant interacting, enjoyment, and fun!


Owning a pet bird can be a positive experience for your entire family when you choose the bird that is the most appropriate for everyone.  Some possibilities for helping you to select a “family-friendly” bird include elderly family members who might prefer a quiet, less active type of bird, or, if you have small children in your home, choosing a bird that is hardy and playful.


The best way to ensure that every member of your family gains the most enjoyment from their new pet is to select a bird which fits well with everyone’s needs.  Not only will you and your family appreciate your bird even more, your new little pet will be happier and healthier when he is the ideal fit to your family.


Choosing the right bird for you also means knowing the goals you have for owning a bird.  If you put a little thought into this in advance, having a new pet bird in your life will be an even more pleasurable experience. 


You may be thinking about your pet as a companion, either for yourself or for another member of your family. You may want a bird who can provide hours of beautiful melodies. While older people especially appreciate this, it is something which most people love regardless of age. You may prefer a bird who can talk, interacting with you every day, and thrilling the youngsters in your home. You may also be thinking about how beautiful birds are, and how your new pet will make your home more attractive and lively. As everyone has his or her own goals for pet ownership, knowing in advance what you want and expect will help you to choose the bird that is right for you.


Selecting the right bird is not difficult. All it takes is putting some careful thought into it in advance. Instead of simply going into a pet shop and purchasing the first nice bird you see, a bit of careful planning will ensure that you are investing in a delightful new friend who will be a wonderful experience for your entire family.