Choosing a Breed

For first time duck owners, it cannot be stressed enough to make sure that you are ready to raise and take care of a duck or a whole slew of them. When you are breeding and raising ducks, it’s important to know what kind of breed you are working with. Each breed is different and has their own personality. 


Choosing a breed will depend on the purpose that you want the duck for. If you want a pet, you must know that some breeds will not connect to humans. They would rather be with their own. 



Pekin Duck: The best breed of duck that would interact with humans in the Pekin duck. This breed is the most popular one in North America. These white ducks are prime property for making good meat. As far as laying eggs is concerned, they are not primed up for that. The female Pekin can weigh as much as eight pounds, while they male can weigh as much as nine pounds. They like people and they are outgoing. They also like to play and they are very friendly with others. This breed of duck would make one of the best kinds to raise.

Khaki Campbell Duck Breed: This is an English duck breed and they are one of the breeds that is good for raising ducks for eggs. These ducks produce around 300 duck eggs every year. However, since they are lightweight, they are not recommended for meat. They are also ornamental in nature. The Khaki Campbell has a bronze hue. This breed can make a house feel warm and decorative.

Cayuga Duck Breed: This duck is of a black colour, but does have some green in it. The Cayuga is lovely with its green colour. It is an American duck breed and they are larger than the Call Ducks. The females weigh around seven pounds and the males weigh around eight.

Runner Duck: If you want eggs from the ducks, think about the runner duck breed. They can provide some of the best eggs among the domestic ducks. This breed is known for being good egg layers. However, this is one that the meat market would not want. They are popular and people do use them for laying eggs. Female and males can weigh up to four pounds.


They are easy to locate and they are great as pets. If you are able to interact, spend time and properly take care of them, they can be a wonderful addition to your family.

Call Duck Breed: This breed is used for ornamental reasons. This duck is smaller than most of the other duck breeds.


Crested Duck Breed: They come from a mixture of two other breeds of ducks, the Pekin and the Aylesbury duck breeds. Like the call duck, the crested duck breed is used for ornamental purposes. On their heads, you will see feather tufts.

Muscovy Duck: This duck breed is considered to be unattractive. It has feathers that are a mixture of grey and white, while their crest is pink and red. You can also find this duck in other colours, such as blue and purple. The female ducks can weigh up to 10 pounds and the male ducks can weigh up to 15 pounds. This is a breed that is not known for swimming.

Buff Duck: This is an English duck breed that is used for ornamental reasons. They can weigh up to around nine pounds whether they are a male or female.


Pomeranian Duck: This is not a very popular breed and it is rarely seen. You won’t find too many breeders for this one and may become extinct.


Rouen Duck: This is a very popular breed and for those who are into backyard poultry, they love the Rouen duck. They are good for the meat market. They are one of the easier breeds to raise and are able to take care of themselves.