Choosing a cage for your bird

Birds are one of the most favoured pets in the world. The bird lovers irrespective of the bird species they choose, the place they keep them, would no doubt like to choose a sturdy and comfortable cage for their pets. There are plenty of bird cages available in the market in various sizes and shapes the selection of a suitable cage for your pet is a challenge. One has to be aware about the uses and abuses of the house of their pets to make a wise decision.


Size: Since birds can be classified into three sizes, small, medium and large, cages are also provided in the same way (i.e., small, medium, and large). It is true that no one else but you know the best your bird requires, so you’re always advised to get your birdcage designed as an acrylic bird cage which is ideal for any bird that you may own. The birdcages come in variety of designs and materials, including the manzanita, ribbon wood, grape wood and acrylic perches. Aside from that, you can buy bird toys for your bird/s to play with. You can also make sure they have a wide variety of food to eat.


Needless to say, birds like more space to move around and as such one should not strictly confine to the size prescribed for the pet. It is always advisable to go for the largest size available in the market to see that your pet has always the luxury of freedom of maximum space.


Shape: While considering the shape of the birdcage one needs to remember that most commonly found cylindrical cages are not the best suited for these small flying creatures. In fact, many birds can feel quite insecure in that type of cage. Lengthy cages facilitate horizontal flying often preferred by the small birds for exercise and as such is more important than the height. Birds seldom fly up and down.


Large birds like parrots need to be provided with cages taller in size to suit their habit of climbing up as a routine exercise, but they should also be wide enough for the bird to stretch and also play. The large birds always deserve spacious and bigger cages. Although the cage manufacturers are aware about the danger of incorrect wire spacing of cages, and take adequate care in this aspect one has to ensure that they are uniformly and adequately spaced so as to avoid any danger to the birds by getting caught their heads, wings or beaks inside the wire or bar.


Some of the larger birds like parrots would be best housed in cages with horizontal bars enabling it to climb up with help of their beaks. No such specification need be considered for smaller birds like doves, finches and canaries.


Price: Though price of the cage is always a factor to consider when buying a cage, one should not go for the bird cages made of cheaper materials as it may turn to be hazardous for the pets.


Material: One has to ensure that the cages need be made of non-toxic materials like stainless steel, or powder coated iron that are harmless for these species. Cages that are made of galvanized wires containing lead or zinc as well as those with zinc components like hinges and latches have to be avoided. Any intricate designs or fancy scroll work should be avoided, as well as doors, latches, or any other parts of the cage that can potentially trap your pet bird. Any cage with a sharp edge is definitely a hazard.


Design: The design of the cage should be such that it allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Pull out trays will help to make cleaning the cage’s bottom very easy and wider doors help to make access for cleaning easier. Make sure you can also easily remove/replace the bird’s food and water dishes without having to open the main doors. Be aware that cages made of stainless steel and wrought iron are generally easier to maintain. Certain peculiar shaped cages though give a different look causes problems for easy regular cleaning of the cages that is of paramount importance to keep the birds healthy and hygienic.


The spacing of the bars or the material used for the cage is not the only factors that matter. The doors, latches and similar parts of the cage should have a fine finish not to endanger these lovely pets.


You can also make sure your birds get their well-deserved rest by purchasing a cover to place over their cage at night. You can buy lots of toys and hanging materials to enhance the looks and charm of their home. For example, you can give put a ladder in their cage that they can walk up and down on. This is just one of many ways to keep them from getting bored and enjoying their home. Your birds are special for you, so they deserve a special home.


In short, choosing a right birdcage takes time and it is worthy spending some time and thinking that would lead to a healthy life, security and comfort of your dear pet birds.