Rabbit Care

Rabbit Supplies

Rabbits are wonderful pets. They are cuddly and warm. But it needs extra effort and a big responsibility for the owner to have a successful relationship with their pet rabbit. Owner should be knowledgeable about the proper ways on pet rabbit care.


Rabbits could live up to 5-7 years or even longer but this depends on how you take good care of them. Their precious lives depend on how you will take care of them thus understanding the proper ways on pet rabbit care is truly a must.


Housing for a rabbit can be in your home or if you wish to keep them outside a wooden cage will work. Most outside cages are designed to let the waste fall through so they are not sitting on it or laying on it. The cage should be built large enough to house an adult rabbit with bedding spread out to make a nice little home. Make sure that his cage is four times a larger than his body so that he could have enough room to move around. They should be given plenty of water and have it changed out daily. Having a backyard for your pet rabbit is a great idea. They can roam for a little exercise, which all pets need. Rabbit bedding and nesting is the main supply your rabbit needs. Make sure you use non-toxic materials on it to avoid any health problems in the future.


Rabbits have the normal body temperature of 39.5C with a whooping pulse rate of 300 per minute. They also usually like to devour their meals in the evening, night time and at the first light. It is around mid-morning when they lose their droppings. Rabbits are naturally clean though they love to dig holes. One of the best tips on proper ways on pet rabbit care is that you provide them toys such as card board toilet rolls, old telephone book is also great for shredding and chewing just make sure that whatever kind of toys you give to them, these are non-toxic materials and lead free.


Soft wood shavings are harmful to your pet instead put pines on his litter box. Clean his cage twice a week. You will want to clean their cages out at least twice a week or more depending on how messy or smelly it becomes. Your rabbit needs a clean environment just like you to eliminate the possibilities of disease. An important factor in having a long living rabbit is their environment. Most rabbits live 5 to 10 years. Let him do his daily exercise for 2 hours a day.


How many times have you heard that rabbits like their vegetables? This is true. Most rabbits need a steady diet of rabbit food that includes lettuce and carrots. Most of the time we raise our rabbits on pellets, however, this may not be fibrous enough and can cause obesity. A steady diet of hay, vegetables, and pellets will lead to a healthy rabbit.


If you notice some hitchhikers residing on your pet’s fur, do not attempt to use any flea powder or shampoo for these are very harmful to them instead consult your vet for flea comb.


Always give your pet rabbit fresh and clean water. Make sure that his water bottle has no leaks or such things.


Feed your rabbit vitamin enriched salt lick for nourishment. This would help his immune system to get strong.


Always provide your pet rabbit ample supply of oats and timothy hay which will truly help his digestion.


Rabbits with their fuzzy cottontails or floppy ears are just some of the cutest pets you can own. They are a medium maintenance pet with proper feeding and environment care you can have your rabbit for years. Your children will enjoy showing off their pet rabbit to all their friends and beg you to take him to show and tell.  Pets are needed to complete a family and provide enjoyment for everyone.