Rabbit Care

Rabbit Treats

Healthy supplements and treats are also included when feeding your rabbit. But should be given in moderate amount to avoid any health problems. Treats should be introduced slowly in very small amounts only.


Rabbits are smart and they know when you are about to feed them with sweets. But never assume that pet shops sell all the right food for your pet rabbit. Most pet owner assure that giving your pet rabbit sweets are like letting them digest rubbish that could harm their system. Do not be tempted to buy these kinds of treats no matter how convincing or wonderful their so-called nutritional contents. These are usually their market strategies to gain consumers’ attention to buy their products.


Chocolate and other human sweets are a big no-no. These kinds of food are poisonous and could kill your pet in no time.


There is nothing safer and more nutritious than high quality pellets, oats, timothy hays, veggies like carrots, broccoli, kale, radish, romaine cabbage and fruits such as apple, banana, papaya and pineapples than any human treats.


These killing sugar components are also can be found in any yogurt drops. The high sugar is the criminal here. Though rabbits love sweets, make sure you feed them in very small amounts. Too much sugar can cause obesity and thus resulting to health problems and if not treated or prevented, it could lead to death. The same can happen after feeding too much fruit. There are many alternative treats you could feed them such as fruits (apple twigs, berries, melons and orange without the skin, of course).


Vitamins are not that necessary on your pet rabbit’s diet. If you want them to give them this, see your vet first for their opinion whether if your pet rabbit still needs vitamins. Veggies and fruits are already packed with these nutrients, if you are feeding them with all the right kind of veggies and fruits then you don’t have to give them any vitamins.


It you still want to feed your rabbit with sweets, then study the nutritional value well and know the sugar and fat contents thoroughly. My best advice is do not give your pet rabbit sweets, there are many free things you can still give to them such as handmade toys and of course your attention.


Rabbit’s Chew Blocks could also add up your pet’s toy collection.


Any kind of foods should be rabbit safe and free from any harsh chemicals or substances that could harm your rabbit. You can bake some rabbit cookies just make sure you didn’t use any sugar on it. You can put up fruits or veggies as its main ingredient. It is healthy for them as well as safer and free from any chemicals.


To add up fun to your cookies, you may use your fancy cookie cutters when preparing the dough of your rabbit’s cookies. Be sure that you will use only organic and fresh ingredients when making these treats. Do not use any eggs on it. You can also put crushed pellets as base. You may use flour. Butter should be in moderation because this too is high in calorie.


Though it is fun to watch your pet rabbit munch on those criminal sweets, it is very unsafe and harmful to their health. Obesity is the main cause of too much sweets intake. Obesity is the number one health problems that could affect your rabbit. Owners should watch what they feed to their pets to avoid serious problems and could prevent them too in spending a lot of money.