Feeding your cat

Picking the right food for your cat:


Pets are wonderful creatures to share our lives with, and they need just as much care as humans. All pets need to be fed properly, though we always have the question of what that might be. There are individuals who give their pet’s human food, while others strictly give pet food.


As everyone knows, cats are very fond of milk. So, if you have a kitten, give it a saucer of milk twice a day. As the cat grows older, you can increase the volume and intervals of feeding the milk.


Cats also need meat and they love fish. Before giving any fish or meat to your cat, it is advisable to cook the same before you give it to your cat.


If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to worry and change your habits to cook meat or fish for your cat. The cat, as it grows, will learn to catch mice.


You can give your cat bread. But don’t give your cat cooked rice. Some cats are fond of vegetables, some are not. Don’t force your cat/kitten to eat anything it doesn’t like.


But always provide your cat with a bowl of clean drinking water at all times.


Cats are great hunters if you let them explore the outdoor world. They will often find mice, birds, and other animals to gain protein. Like a dog, your cat needs a consistent diet. You should find a cat food that has the proper amounts of protein. Cats can also have a very sensitive digestive system. Finding the right food may be difficult and take a few tries.


If they have a smelly litter box, you will need to change their food. This is a sure sign they are not receiving a proper diet. When you change their food, you will want to integrate it slowly over two weeks. Cats also need the vitamins from milk, though our processed milk can be too rich for them, they do sell milk for cats in the pet stores. Another idea is occasionally giving them a small piece of cheese to help with their dietary needs, however you should try and find pet food that fits all of their needs. Grass is also available for indoor cats and may be a needed to get rid of hairballs. Cats eat grass when they have an upset stomach. The grass will allow the cats to rid themselves of the problem and can help them cough up hairballs.


Picking the right food for your pet will often mean not feeding them human food, but checking the ingredients of pet food found in the stores. You want to keep you pet just as healthy as you would want to keep yourself. Proper nutrition for any animal is important to having your pet around for many years. Some types of pets are more susceptible to disease, like dogs with heart problems, but they can be monitored through proper care.