Pet Peeves

If you are serious about caring for a feline companion, you have to be ready for any comeuppance.    


Being a care giver to a cat is also not as easy as you think it is. Responsibility comes with hard word, practice, learning and applying all those to the way you do things.   


If you know your pet's peeves, you might as well double the effort of avoiding such things that irritates your cat.   

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The Pet's Peeves    

More than the purring or meowing, you should be able to identify the body language of your cat to its mood. You must take note of the mood changes. What seems to be simple to you may already be a sign of something worse. So be in the know. And don't be the last to find out.  


What are the things that may upset your feline friend? By taking extra care with such pet peeves, you will make your cat's life happier and more comfortable.  

The Litter Box

Cats have very good eyesight. But they have better sense of smell. And they don't like anything that stinks. So watch out for those litter boxes. If you don't keep them maintained, your pet may opt for the laundry basket that smells a lot better.  


You cat can smell 14 times better than you do. So you really need to do extra effort on the cleaning part. Because what may be good to you may still smell foul for your pet. Sounds like a lot? Just think of it this way. You will be doing your home a great favour. You will be doing your share to make the place smells nice and clean for your furry companion.  


The Horror Medicine  

Cats don't like the taste of most of their meds. But as their owner, you know that you can't do without it. So, you have to find ways that your cat will be able to take the medicines without causing you too much trouble.  


They particularly don't like those in tablet and capsule forms. Such meds can stay in their oesophagus for five minutes or longer that may cause to more serious trouble. So, take this task seriously. Ask your vet for suggestions on how to do so.  


The Food  

Watch out when you give your cats their food. Make sure that they don't eat spoiled food. It will cause you a lot of trouble because your cats are sensitive to such foods.  


Petting Styles  

You have to take note of your petting styles. Being too aggressive or too playful may irritate your cats. You have to treat them with care. And you have to know what tricks they like so that you can give them exactly that.  


Never tease your cat by pulling at its ears or tail or whiskers. Don’t forget that your cat’s paws are equipped with razor-sharp claws and it has 30 sharp teeth in its mouth-16 in the upper jaw and 14 in the lower jaw.


The cat is capable of using both these weapons very effectively. Remember that a cat is not as tolerant as a dog.


Jealousy Attack  

If you will be introducing a new pet or a new member to the household, you have to integrate them slowly even with your cat. Cats tend to be jealous when they are being given less attention than what they were usually getting.


You are not the master

Another thing about cats-however well you may treat them, they will never obey you or treat you as master.


Gifts from cat:

Sometimes, your cat may bring you a gift. It could be a dead mouse or something of that sort. Don’t scold it. It is just trying to thank you for being so good to it.