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Benefits of owning pets

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – George Eliot.


One of the most obvious benefits of owning a pet is psychological and emotional wellness. Many psychologists and psychiatrists admit they often “prescribe” a pet much like they would a medication, to alleviate loneliness or to help an individual overcome depression.


For others owning a pet represents a sense of safety and security. Consider for example, the single mother living at home with her two children. Imagine what comfort a large and companionable dog would offer in the wee hours of the night when most people feel vulnerable.


For many, pets also provide some daily routine, much like the way children do.


Dogs for example, need to be walked, fed and groomed on a regular basis. For individuals struggling to maintain some control of their life and better organization, a good dog may be the simplest and best solution.


As you can see, pets and pet therapy has many benefits therapists and owners alike can enjoy.


Pets are also wonderful for inducing a sense of play.


Children will adore your dog for entertaining them, but you may find your dog or other pet also increases your psychological well-being by reminding you to take time out to play on occasion. Many people report that pets help boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to exchange affection more freely and with liberty. A pet may induce self-confidence in a woman who ventures out alone at night to jog, pick up groceries or fetch her children from a friend or neighbour’s house. The list of possibilities is endless.


There are also proven physical effects owning a pet may have on humans.


According to some studies, owning a pet may reduce patients’ complaints of anxiety by as much as 16%; others show that owning a pet may help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. It is easy to see why this might happen. Imagine how comforting it would be sitting back in your easy chair, stroking the soft, warm fur of your favourite furry friend, relaxing, enjoying life … simply being.


All of this leads to the reason pets are more commonly being used as part of “formal” animal-assisted therapy sessions. What is key here is an innate understanding that pets are truly our best friends, willing to offer care, support, guidance, aid, and unconditional love when needed.


Pets are perhaps, one of the more effective tools one can use to improve their outlook on life, and their quality of living. And don’t think for a minute that pets don’t benefit from the process. Most pets love more than anything to be “loved” by others. So by using a pet or animal to improve your own health, you may actually improve the health and wellness of your pet as well! What more can anyone ask for?


Other benefits of owning pets:

Ø Pets may improve self-confidence and self-esteem in patients or caregivers.

Ø Pets may increase socialization in environments that are stressed or tense. 

Ø Pets may create a sense of trust between doctor or therapist and patient. 

Ø Pets often encourage greater communication between humans. 

Ø Pets naturally bring out an individual’s inner sense of “play”, improving the quality of life and the experience a patient has when undergoing therapy. 

Ø Pets can reduce anxiety, stress, depression and serve as an invaluable tool for alleviating loneliness. 

Ø Pets often offer unconditional love, nurturance, protection and support for those in need. 

Ø Many pets create a long-lasting improved quality of life for pet owners. 

Ø Pets encourage patients to become more involved and active participants in their therapy. 

Ø Pets introduce something “new” in an otherwise dreary or commonplace setting, which in turn sets the stage for better outcomes. 


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