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A good Ferret Cage:

Now we are talking about Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Single-Level Ferret Cage with Ramps, 36 Inches by 25 Inches by 38.5 Inches. It is a good ferret cage with wide expanse shelf. This ferret cage is big enough to house two ferrets and all their accessories. The floor is made up of plastic pan. The door latches are dual locking. This means, you can open the door with one hand and catch the ferret in another hand. Wide removable doors with spring loaded dual knobs that latch at the top & bottom; the design makes changing litter and bedding a breeze. It has a floor and elevated shelf for the chinchilla to sleep. From the floor to the shelf, there is an appropriately angled ramp. Also included is a ramp cover so the ferret's feet or legs do not fall through the grates/rungs. Points are provided for attaching the accessories of the chinchilla. It also makes it easy to attach crocks, bedding, hammocks and litter boxes. The stand is made up of locking casters. The wheels lock in the front and move decently well on carpet. Swivel caster wheels make it easy to move and clean underneath and around the floor.

The ferret cage looks like this:

ferret cage


This is designed with Ferrets & Owners in Mind. The best environment for ferrets is available in this ferret cage. This is perhaps, the most user friendly ferret cage in the world. There are Wide Shelves and Full Platform Pans for maximum play area. It has enough room for the ferrets to play and run. It's very heavy duty and extremely easy to clean. This ferret cage is more durable than most, with coated wire and upgraded hinges and door locks. It's definitely a better product than what you find in a pet store for just a bit more money. The bottom floor is the perfect size to use a full towel as bedding


The trays slide right out (both doors open wide). The trays are light and easy to place in the bathtub and give a soapy washing to. This is by far the best cage to maintain. There is room for large litter box and all ferret toys and bedding.



It is a little difficult to put together the cage. However, if you can spend one hour on this, you can fix it by yourself.


Price: The list price at Amazon is $ 274.99. However, this is being sold at a price of $ 143.08. This means, there is whopping 48% ($ 131.91) discount on this ferret cage.


Where to buy: You can buy this at Amazon. Buy it now here: Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Single-Level Ferret Cage with Ramps, 36 Inches by 25 Inches by 38.5 Inches

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