Dog Breed Research through books

Encyclopaedia of Dog Breeds

This is a concise, well-written, humorous, and very informative book. It outlines the history of the dog breeds, the temperament in several paragraphs, and there is an overall rating area that succinctly profiles the breed's exercise needs, energy level, affection level for other pets and dogs and strangers, and grooming needs. There are two pages for each breed, so plenty of information is given. This helps a lot especially when buying a new dog or puppy. If one is trying to decide between two breeds, the ratings make it very convenient to compare and contrast. It also provides the AKC rank for each breed, which gives one an idea of the popularity (and perhaps the availability) of the particular breed in the US. This book does not list very obscure European breeds, however. For those of you who are "just looking for a nice dog", this is the book in which you can do your research.  


It also lists out the realistic life span of the dog breeds in question. For example, most of the books/authors have, whether through ignorance, lack of research or just plain mistake, have listed out the lifespan of an Irish Wolf Hound as 11 years. But, this book lists out the lifespan of an Irish Wolfhound correctly as 5 to 7 years, thus helping the prospective breed lover to take a decision based on correct facts. This book also provides the distinction between watchdog and protection factors, one often blurred by other authors. Many people confuse these as one and the same. Then when they got their dog, they found out that it's all bark and no bite. 

For those people who have been looking for a detailed reference on dogs with real pictures, this is the book. The pictures show the dogs in all different positions, not just in show position, and in a variety of the breed's colours. The backgrounds resemble the dog's function (ex. Belgian Tervuren has a background that includes sheep) If you plan on doing research on dogs that are easily obtainable, then this is a great reference.  

Its binding and quality (hardcover version) are excellent. 328 pages of useful information, generally good photographs, with illustrations, the book is great value for money. It is well printed and easy on the eyes. It also provides quick reference boxes, setting out basic breed characteristics such height/weight, energy level, exercise required etc. 


The first chapter begins with the Dog Family and moves to the Family Dog, asks how good the breed is with children , and how to use the Breed Profiles. Then most of the book is taken by the specifics of the various breeds of dogs. Divided into classes, dogs belong to the sporting group, hounds, working dogs, terriers, toys, non-sporting

The Working Group are "those dogs that put their bravery or brawn into the service of humans." They can be guard dogs, protectors, sled dogs, cart dogs, and rescue dogs. They are known for their intelligence and hardiness (105).  

Minus Points:  

Unfortunately, only 150 AKC breeds are included in this book. 

Most of the pictures are fabulous. However, some of them, like the Miniature Schnauzer, are not well represented. 


Summing up:  

Wonderful design and information provided by this book more than makes up for the minor lacking.


Rating: 5 star Buy the Book Here


The New Encyclopaedia of the Dog:

If you’re interested in buying a dog and want to choose a breed, this book is perfect. Each dog has its own description and history by the author. This book covers over 420 breeds and has over 600 photographs and is a delight of any dog lover. Excellent quality photos provide the reader with a very good idea of the size, weight and looks of each breed. Little, easy-to-read icons below the Facts provide the reader with information about the grooming, exercise and climatic needs of the dog, along with the temperament. A pit-bull might have a child icon crossed out, meaning: "not suitable for children". Therefore, a husky might have a snowflake, building crossed out and a brush icon meaning: "good in the snow, not suitable for urban environment and requires much grooming”. Short, but comprehensive, text provides the reader with an overview of the breed and the hunting and companion abilities.


Apart from all the various breeds, the whole structure and various characteristics of behaviour of dogs have also been explained. Dog food and dog products have also been printed and these would be of great help to new owners. Buying a puppy is a big decision and, so, it has to be done carefully and this book is just right for it. 


The pictures are amazingly vivid. The book layout, order and organization is excellent. Again, if you are interested in purchasing a dog, this book is perfect. If you are interested in dog breeds, this book is perfect. If you love good photography and tons of reading time, this book is perfect. You won’t regret buying this book.


Minus Points

The first few chapters on the history of the dog is quite fascinating though, and the pictures are nice The information is good but it doesn't have really great pictures, since some of the breeds are so rare that even a picture is difficult to get. It has the potential to be a great book if the author had taken some time to actually look into each breed. The "designer dogs" are put as purebred dogs. Labradoodles, Bichon/Yorkies, Cockerpoos, and Bull Boxers are NOT purebred dogs. They are mixes given a fancy name and sold for staggering amounts of money.  


Summing up:                                                              

If you need an all-in-one book and don't mind many errors, this is a great book for you. 


Rating: 3 Star Buy the Book Here